I am a certified Integrative Nutrition Health Coach and I offer programs that are focused on creating sustainable and healthy habits to help you improve your well-being.

Born and raised in Italy, I enjoyed a happy & healthy lifestyle, full of delicious Mediterranean food, exercise and sunshine, with a natural and holistic approach to health and well-being. I was lucky enough to enjoy the benefits of nutritional therapy since I was child, and since then food has been my main medicine.

Moving to London and working in the fashion industry, I struggled to maintain the same healthy lifestyle and inevitably that had an adverse effect on my health and well-being. I began suffering from a vicious and mysterious illness that baffled doctors. I then decided to use my wellness and nutrition knowledge, to get better and overcome my own health issues. 

My search for a more balanced lifestyle brought me to re-train as a Pilates teacher and in the past ten years I taught Pilates to a number of high profile private clients, in studios and physiotherapy clinics. My holistic approach, has allowed my clients to achieve a higher level of fitness and well-being, lose weight naturally and feel better in their own skin.

My blogs aims to show that is possible to enjoy a healthy and delicious lifestyle even leading a very busy life. There is no need for long list of ingredients with unfamiliar names. I believe in seasonal, possibly locally produced and easy to find foods, to reduce food waste, and easy on your wallet.

My recipes are all easy to make, many of which born on the spur of the moment, created with what was leftover in my kitchen and all very quick to make.

Claudia xx